Saturday, December 22, 2012

Good Bye, Mom. I love you. (may cause triggers)

We crowded into my little Neon and drove to Utah for Mom's funeral. Da asked me to take pictures. No, I do not think this is strange. I think Mom would have wanted me to document this day. Plus, one of my areas of photo expertise is post-mortem photography.

If you have problems with this, I am giving you a warning to skip this set of images.







 Darrell signing "Silent Night."

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jeddy's Senior Shoot #3

My goal for Jeddy's senior year is to make images throughout the school year.

On this day I was feeling particularly sad, because my amazing mom Wanda Gardner had died that morning--12-12-12 at 2:12 AM.

Both Jeddy Grant and I needed to get out and do something, so we made images & music together.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Two Times the Trouble

I met two adorable red headed twins. This was possibly one of the most challenging shoots ever for me. Luckily the mom let me go back and try again, but.... My goal with each shoot at this time is to get images for my portfolio. Therefore, if I get ONE great image I have succeeded. The client may see that differently.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Slide Shows

I found these slide shows from nearly two-years ago and do not want to loose them. These are moments from field-trips when El Jay was in 3rd grade.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Senior Shoot #1

Jeddy is a senior this year. He will graduate from the Public Academy for the Performing Arts in May. One of my goals is to photograph him frequently this year. Rather than do just one Senior Session with him, I hope to do six or so sessions. 

Here are my favorite images from the first shoot, plus one taken on July 31st. Jeddy's  last day at Atrisco Heritage Academy.

 Yep, my Gentle Giant is now 18.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

So far, this has not been a successful Balloon Fiesta Foto-Op for me. Two days were canceled due to wind and rain, and most of the other days the wind has not been in my favor as I am running Jeddy to school. However, I have gotten a balloon picture each day--plus, I have gotten a few other images of other things.

DAY #1: Due to strong winds, the opening Mass Ascension was canceled. I still took a walk along the bridge at Montano and the Rio Grande.

I took this while leaning over the barrier wall along the bridge and shooting as straight down as I could. I was fascinated by the lines created by the water, mud, animal prints and nature. I, also, like  the splash of green amid the adobe colored mud.

DAY #2: The little one was my co-pilot and designated drive by shooter. The first image was taken by him from the front seat of our moving car.

Photo by El Jay Rey

The wind was playing tricks on Sunday and refused to cooperate by blowing the balloons my direction. I was pleased to get my annual Spider Web image from this bridge location, though.

The Boy and His Dog. Always on the run.

I got a series of shots of this balloon crew packing up the balloon. This was my favorite from that series.

DAY #3: Monday. Not much time, because I needed to get Jeddy to school. The wind &  ballons were moderately cooperative.

Jeddy was the co-pilot and he took this for me as we were getting on the freeway.

PHOTO by Jeddy Grant

I took this, because I wasn't sure I'd get anything else....

A few blocks from the house I stopped in an empty parking lot because there were several balloons that look like they might land near there. Balloons kept going. I shot this thru some branches facing into the sun. In processing, I used a modified sepia tone to get this coloring.

Day #4: This is the only balloon picture I got!  This is SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera--no editing.) Over the last few years I have goten 100's like this. I am at the place in my photographic journey where I want something different. Something unique to me.

I stopped at the Nature Area at Coors and Montano. The light was beautiful and I made this image.
Day #5: We always seem to be running late. My co-pilot , Jeddy got this image on our way to his school.

I headed North on Edith and pulled over after I saw the blue balloon stuck in a tree and power lines.

Morning Glow

After I turned around and headed South, I saw that the blue balloon had gotten free. Fly balloon to safety!

DAY #6: Honestly, felt BLAH and tired of balloons. Yet, I still carried my camera on the daily school commute.

I feel many of the images I got this year are about how the balloons are part of Albuquerque. I had stopped to fill prescriptions and I got this shot of the landscaper vehicle in the parking lot and a peek of city-scape to the right.

The last two are taken on a frontage road as I prepare to get on the I40. This is where the I40 and I25 merge around each other. I was stopped at the light and liked the look of this image--as I picked up my camera to take a few quicks snap shots the light changed.  The green arrow was perfect, but you can't sit in the intersection to compose the perfect image.... *sigh*

DAY #6: ???  As I woke up this morning, my first thought was wondering if the Mass Balloon Ascension was going to happen. Just then, I saw a bright flash of lightning followed by a boom of thunder. Thanking Mother Nature for such a quick response to my question, I rolled over and went back to sleep.

All morning events were canceled due to rain and wind. I may even leave my camera home when I go out today running errands.

Two more days left. Two more chances to get that amazing, awesome, award winning foto then....