Sunday, April 22, 2012

Perspective WK 16

per·spec·tive [per-spek-tiv]

1) a way of looking at or thinking about something


The M4H challenge this week was perspective. I've already posted about Jeddy and the Morp shoot. Now, I'll share my favorite photo and several different ways I processed it. Yeah, I'll show it to you in various PERSPECTIVES.


Middle English perspectyf, from Medieval Latin perspectivum, from neuter of perspectivus of sight, optical, from Latin perspectus, past participle of perspicere to look through, see clearly, from per- through + specere to look — more at per-, spy
First Known Use: 14th century

 2) all that can be seen from a certain point 

This photo takes me to windy desert afternoons with a quiet guitar and the whistle of the wind. She looks dreamy and happy and content. Treat her well, Jeddy. She deserves nothing less than the best. This is how I often imagine her-soft, with fluffy clothes, a flower in one hand, a musician on her other side, hair hiding her face.... it's a nearly perfect photo. If only to see her face some. 
I'm saving this photo. It's gorgeous.   (A comment made by Delaney's mom about this image--which is her perspective)


: an optical glass (as a telescope) 
3) a condition in which a person knows which things are important and does not worry or think about unimportant things

 4) a way of showing depth or distance in a painting or drawing by making the objects that are far away smaller and making the objects that are closer to the viewer larger 


advective, affective, bijective, collective, connective, convective, corrective, defective, deflective, detective, directive, effective










 Frame of reference, point of view


English to Spanish
   : perspectiva feminine

 English to German
   : Standpunkt

Friday, April 20, 2012

Going to the Morp

Jeddy and Delaney were too cool to go to the Prom. The day after the prom for some unknown reason, Jeddy decided to put his tux on (yeah, a 17-year old kid owns his own tux, how cool is that?) Delaney had a ruffly, cool dress on and I suggested we have a quick, impromptu photo session. An UN-prom shoot or a MORP (which is prom backwards.) I knew the perfect location. I'd been driving past this abandoned limo for over a year and I have really wanted to do a shoot with the limo. And what's better then going to a prom in a limo? Well, in this case, NOT going anywhere with a a beat-up limo with four flat tires.

 All Dressed Up With No Where To Go

For their Morp dinner where better to go than McD's?


Friday, April 13, 2012

Movement Week 15

The theme for week 15 of the M4H's 52 week challenge was MOVEMENT. These two images are all about movement. It was an extremely windy day and the boys and I decided to stop at Jeddy's favorite hamburger place, Lumpy's Burger, on Central Ave (old RT 66) in Albuquerque. The pictures were taken in low light, through a dirty car window as Jeddy quickly walked towards the car. Of course, the images turned out blurred, so I played with them in photo shop and I sort of like the look.

These photos are all about movement... the wind blowing everything around... and he is hurrying towards the car because he can't wait to eat his burger.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Work . In . Progress

Several times lately I've been asked to define my photography style in three words. I've asked friends to share with me three adjectives that describe my work (and I'll share that in a future BLOG post.) Some of the answers were awesome, yet.... I just don't know. What is my style?

I was going through some of my old pictures--and they aren't that old, pictures I took in 2009 until now--and I can see my growth.  When people see my work, though, it isn't the people pictures that I love taking that I get the most compliments from, but the more commercial, nature-type images. It makes me question if I should go that direction, instead....?

Who am I? Where am I going?

I felt these two seem to fit......
Capturing . Life . Unscripted 
& Work . in . Progress

Here are a few pictures taken this week as I walked home after taking El Jay to school--all part of my personal 30-day challenge to take the camera everywhere.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 14 {HOME}

The theme for week 14 of the M4H 52 week Challenge was HOME. Yesterday I did an engagement shoot at the Rock House in the Sandia foothills. This fantastic couple is planning their wedding and their future home together. I thought these images were perfect for this theme.

Recent Photo Shoots

I have been taking pictures! I have taken my camera with me 85% of the time. In the last two weeks, I have taken about 2500 images and I am so far behind in processing. I have two, possibly three, more portrait sessions coming up, and, yeah, I am excited!

Where do I start? What set of images do I share first?

How about the first one?

This is baby Zofia. We did this shoot at the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens. We had hoped for lots of Spring Blossoms, but the Daffodils were all that were in bloom.

Everyone loves this image of Zofia in the Tub. I don't know.... I played with it a lot in photo shop to make it look like I wanted it to, but.... I just don't know. I find that with each new photo shoot, I become more critical of my work. That's a good thing. It means I am growing and developing my skills. I am questioning whether I truly have what it takes to make it in a very competitive field. Each time I do a shoot, I have two goals. The most obvious one is to give my clients 12 to 15 processed images that they will cherish. The other goal, is to get ONE picture that I can use in my portfolio. Something that says, "WOW. I want Indigo Studios to be MY photographer." I want to build my portfolio. I want to be in demand!

This is another version of Zofia in the Tub (In a Parking Lot....) Because it is an old wash tub in an unusual location with lots of neutral background, I decided to process it with a vintage look.

Subtle, but a different crop.....

A tired baby at the end of our shoot. Z is for Zofia. I have a newborn image of her similar to this one and I hope to get two more before she turns one.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Another week gone..... another busy and successful week :-) Over. The theme at My Four Hens this week was NATURE. And here is my picture of nature. I used a watercolor filter to process the pink blossom. The one of the sky is about the sunburst, but I also used a water color filter. This image was taken at Atrisco Heritage Academy the tree had blue and  green crepe paper strung in it.