Sunday, June 22, 2014

Moving to Riverdale Utah

 While moving to Riverdale we stopped in Moab--one of my favorite places on this earth. 

For the right client, I would gladly follow them to Moab for a location shoot. Any excuse to be in Moab.

This gas station appears in the new Transformer movie. Cool. huh?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Now Living at Joy Junction

Deep sigh... breathe in and let it all out. 

I work at Joy Junction. Yes, it is a homeless shelter and, yes, I became homeless. I am now living in the Staff housing. I am looking forward to quietly living in this tiny apartment with El Jay while I complete my treatments for cancer. I am looking forward to documenting this time in my life.

Canned Food Drive For Joy Junction

 My good friend Manny Baca (an Albuquerque actor) is turning 50 soon! Instead of having a big party with gifts, he is sponsoring a canned food and non-perishable item drive for the local homeless shelter, Joy Junction.

We had fun at Tingley beach taking pictures (that are my birthday gift to him) that he can use to promote his event. It is always fun to  take pictures of Manny. He is quite a ham and kind of cute, in a Burquino kind of way.

A foto of my favorite photo assistant and his dog, Champ. Currently, Champ is living with Manny--until El Jay and I have a place where she can be with us.