Sunday, March 24, 2013

Competition? Senior Photo Shoot

A very beautiful girl. 

Her mom set-up this shoot when I offered a free sitting. The mom wanted to do something urban and different. She had seen photos I had of Jeddy on both of the lots we used for this shoot and wanted her daughters senior pictures taken in the same place. And because her daughter does Irish dancing she wanted to tie that into the shoot. the girl, during the shoot, requested i get pictures of the locket her grandfather had given her.

I thought I did a great job.

I offer free sessions, partially because i need models for photo classes. I am encouraged to experiment.  In the three images above I was playing with the locket and putting the emphasis on it. They may not be images I'd blow up to a 16X20, but they are fun and I learned a little with each one. 

 Edited to add later: I may commit photographer suicide here) A few months after this shoot I was perusing a photography message board and found an image of this same girl taken by another photographer. Curious, I clicked the link to the other photographer's facebook page and blog. This girl had apparently gone to nine photographers during her senior year and gave the other photographer a glowing recommendation and said she would NOT recommend any of the other photographers. 

I found out from friends that she does beauty pageants --part of the reason for so many sessions (I was told she is a model wanna-be.) Her sessions were all glamor type shoots in fancy dresses and lots of make-up. The mom had wanted a more natural look, more urban decay, etc.... her session with me was unlike any of her other shoots. She had complained several times about the graffiti on the walls and trespassing (neither lot had locked gates or posted tresspassing signs ;-) She appeared uncomfortable the whole time and didn't seem happy. I tried and I liked what I got.

OH well.... no matter what she thought of this session, I am proud of the work and I found her pictures posted with two other photographers and the pictures were beautiful, but they all looked like beauty queen photos. I like this look.